#010: 5 Email Design Predictions for 2019 (& How My 2018 Predictions Did)


2018 Predictions Review:

Oath will shut down AOL Mail in favor of Yahoo! Mail. Though AOL Mail still exists for end users, AOL Mail's infrastructure was merged with Yahoo! Mail's. They now both share the same rendering and infrastructure, thus being recorded as the same email client for opens as well. Effectively, for email marketers, AOL Mail no longer exists.

Outlook apps will add highlights akin to Inbox. I thought this was a sure bet, especially with their introduction of Actionable Messages in 2017 that was a similar implementation of Gmail's Highlights and Quick Actions, but this just didn't happen. I do expect this to happen at some point though and believe it's inevitable.

Gmail to surpass 30% in market share. After two straight years of strong growth, Gmail remained static in market share for 2018.

Gmail will introduce native payments in the inbox. After introducing Google Pay integration for Gmail's apps, I predicted the next step would be checkout functionality directly in the inbox for third party providers such as Stripe, Paypal, and Square. I still think this will happen at some point, but this prediction turned out to be a little too ambitious for 2018.

A prominent brand will be involved in a CASL lawsuit. I was wrong. But hey, that's actually good news, right? 😂

2019 Predictions:

1. ⚡️AMP4Email won't gain traction. ESPs won't implement support for it and email marketers won't invest time into developing a separate MIME-type for it.

2. Based off their acquisition of Rebel, Salesforce will become the first ESP with interactive email templates with third party payment integrations (Stripe, Paypal, Square, etc.) with 1-click checkout directly from email.

3. Email marketers will stop caring about landing in the Primary Tab, and instead focus on how to be featured in the Promotions tab with Gmail Annotations.

4. Outlook apps will start getting tracked separately for email analytics. Currently, it get's recorded as WebKit opens as they share the same headers. I predict this will be a change this year out of the Litmus-Microsoft partnership.

5. Yahoo! Android app will fully support media queries. Currently, a double <head> hack is needed or the <style> block needs to placed in the <body> for media queries to work in the Android app.

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