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2018 Email Client Market Share Trends From 11+ Billion Opens

tl;dr Apple and Gmail remain dominant as the top email clients, but Outlook (Windows) is back on the rise and tablet usage is down.

How Alexa Reads Your Emails & Impacts Email Marketing

tl;dr Alexa can now read, reply, archive, or delete your emails. It only reads text in HTML emails (ignoring images and HTML attributes). Alexa is yet another strong reason to build semantic, accessible emails. To Support Media Queries & Enhanced Accessibility

tl;dr w00t! The webmail version of Outlook will now behave exactly like its mobile apps. The empty attribute selector hack [owa] will still work. Progressive enhancement should now use the @supports query instead of WebKit targeting.

How Gmail's ⚡️AMP4Email Support Impacts Email Design

tl;dr A lack of ESP and email client support will prevent adoption. Don't expect anything to change (at least in the short term).

Gmail Launches Annotations in the Promotions Tab on iOS & Android

tl;dr Gmail now bundles and highlights emails in the Promotions Tab using machine learning and enables marketers to customize pre-open information, powered by JSON/Microdata.

10 Things to Be Thankful For in Email Design

tl;dr We’re moving in the right direction. Take a moment to appreciate that and the amazing #emailgeeks community we are all a part of.

How macOS Mojave's Dark Mode for Apple Mail Impacts Email Design

tl;dr We should design and optimize for this with a light/dark theme switcher (until a universal CSS standard exists to target the environment).

👋 Hello, EmailTees

tl;dr Introducing official apparel for email geeks.

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